• Simon Tang: Guitar Bass Theory Ukulele Aural training
  • 12 years of teaching experiences
  • Use Alexander Technique as a help, outstanding relative pitch
    Teach group classes include children, primary school and secondary school in Hong Kong for many years

    Individual class

    Style: Fusion Jazz, metal, Classical, ACG, J Rock,  Pop Rock etc.

    Skill Level : Beginner to Advance
    Suitabilit : Ages 5 to 80 years



  • Hong Kong Baptist University (Hons)Major in Classical Guitar
    ABRSM Classical Guitar (dist).ABRSM theory grade 8
    Rock School Electric Guitar grade 8
  • Rock School Bass Guitar grade 8
    Wedding Band Leader in Hong Kong
    Music director in theatre in Hong Kong

    Score typing professionalist (Finale)
    Hong Kong oratorion Society Bass singner
    Hong Kong Baptist University Guitar ensemble
    Hong Kong  VihuelaGuitar ensemble Part 3 player

demo band performances Classical guitar Performance


Multi effect: Boss GT 10 stomp box: Fulltone dejivibe, Line6 DL4, ISP Decimator, Dunlop 535 Q Amplifier: line 6 spider valve 212 Electric guitar:: Tom anderson Classic Deep Bora Bora Blue Classical guitar: Juan hernandez concierto


Music director of Grease 西灣河文娛中心 劇院 26-28/7/2013 7/26(五) 8PM 7/27(六) 3PM, 8PM 7/28(日) 3PM, 8PM 22.04.2014 Tue 8pm Hong Kong Baptist University Sing Tao Building Roof Garden 28 Nov 2013 HKBU Guitar Studio Recital 25 Sep 2013 Time: 6:30pm Venue: 浸大學生宿舍賽馬會綜藝廣場 港麗酒店 Vihuela Guitar Ensemble 二零一三年三月三(星期日) 新春樂結他音樂會 荃灣大會堂文娛廳 二零一二年七月二十七日(星期五) 車站藝術表演 港鐵車站藝術表演場地(中環)

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